Great Festivals. Great Rates. New Orleans.

Why visit New Orleans this summer? It’s hot. It’s not Mardi Gras time. There’s not much to do. Well you’re wrong (well not about it being hot, but it’s hot almost anywhere you go in the summer).Here’s why you should visit New Orleans this summer:1. The rates will never be lower than they are during the summer. Rates as low as $60 for some great French Quarter hotels. (see note below)2. It won’t be crowded and you will be able to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant.3. Check out these great festivals:•…Read more

Louisiana Blog Announcement

Welcome to the first of many blogs on the greatest place to visit for a lifetime of memories. Louisiana. I’m the Louisiana Travelin’ Man and if you come back often you will become so familiar with Louisiana Travel opportunities, including Louisiana attractions, Louisiana vacations, Louisiana lodging, Louisiana music and my favorite, Louisiana food.In fact I will be searching for a Louisiana staple on just about any restaurant’s menu: Louisiana Gumbo.There are no two gumbo’s alike. Whether it’s Seafood Gumbo, Okra Gumbo, Duck, Chicken, Andouille, or a Vegetarian Gumbo (this will not be my…Read more