Louisiana Gumbo: Abby Singer’s Bistro

Louisiana Gumbo: Abby Singer’s Bistro

There are several places to get great Louisiana food in Shreveport and downtown is no exception. On one of my recent visits, I went to Abby Singer’s Bistro. The restaurant is located upstairs in the Robinson Film Center building in downtown Shreveport. The Film Center shows award winning first run films as well as classics like High Society and Barbarella to name a few.This contemporary looking restaurant, with a balcony over Texas Avenue, is the perfect spot for a quick lunch or to unwind after a days work.They have a different type of…Read more
Louisiana Gumbo: Antoon’s Restaurant

Louisiana Gumbo: Antoon’s Restaurant

Natchitoches is the epitome of what you think of when it comes to small town charm with true southern hospitality. You walk along the riverfront and you can’t help but fall in love with Natchitoches. When it’s time to eat, there are several great places to choose from. On this trip I chose Antoon’s Riverfront Restaurant. From the picture it looks like someone’s house, but when you enter the great smells from the kitchen get your taste buds dancing, and when you taste their gumbo the dancing continues.They only have seafood gumbo and serve it…Read more

The Gumbo rating system

If you read my first blog, you saw that I am searching for the best gumbo in Louisiana. Before I start rating the gumbos, two things had to happen.1.     I needed to eat as much gumbo as possible2.     I needed a rating system and an icon to help give the rating system a special look.Well, I did the first and we created the second. Meet Croux. Croux will hold a spoon or spoons in his claw. The higher the number of spoons, the better the gumbo. If Croux has no spoon…No Gumbo for you.    0…Read more

COOlinary New Orleans

For the month of August, some of New Orleans best restaurants are offering special meals at special deals as part of  the 7th Annual COOlinary promotion.All you have to do is check out the COOlinary website and you’ll see the restaurants, the special meals and the special deals. Here are some examples that will get your taste buds dancing:Tujague’s Restaurant: Shrimp Remoulade; Filet Mignon, Dessert, and a glass of wine @ $30 (dinner)Bayona: Soup or Bayona Salad, Any entree on the menu, Dessert @ $20 (lunch) 20¢  martinis (bring a designated driver and(or) a…Read more


Most people eat to live. In Louisiana we live to eat. And the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette has taken that to heart with their 7th annual “EatLafayette™” campaign. We are talking local restaurants here. No chains allowed. You know the expression "When in Rome..." Well, when in Lafayette you have over 50 local restaurants to choose from that are part of the “EatLafayette™” campaign.What is “EatLafayette™”?  It’s a celebration of local restaurants that make the Cajun Culture so appetizing. It gives the local restaurateurs the opportunity to showcase their cuisine and offer…Read more

Great Festivals. Great Rates. New Orleans.

Why visit New Orleans this summer? It’s hot. It’s not Mardi Gras time. There’s not much to do. Well you’re wrong (well not about it being hot, but it’s hot almost anywhere you go in the summer).Here’s why you should visit New Orleans this summer:1. The rates will never be lower than they are during the summer. Rates as low as $60 for some great French Quarter hotels. (see note below)2. It won’t be crowded and you will be able to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant.3. Check out these great festivals:•…Read more

Louisiana Blog Announcement

Welcome to the first of many blogs on the greatest place to visit for a lifetime of memories. Louisiana. I’m the Louisiana Travelin’ Man and if you come back often you will become so familiar with Louisiana Travel opportunities, including Louisiana attractions, Louisiana vacations, Louisiana lodging, Louisiana music and my favorite, Louisiana food.In fact I will be searching for a Louisiana staple on just about any restaurant’s menu: Louisiana Gumbo.There are no two gumbo’s alike. Whether it’s Seafood Gumbo, Okra Gumbo, Duck, Chicken, Andouille, or a Vegetarian Gumbo (this will not be my…Read more