Does Buck & Johnny’s have a Buckin’ Great Gumbo?

The Louisiana Travelin’ Man (that’s me) decided to go back to Cajun Country to see if they can live up to serving another great Louisiana Gumbo. Guess what? They didn’t disappoint.

This time I went to Breaux Bridge which has one of the most popular restaurants and dance halls called Café Des Ami. I didn’t stop there on this trip because I didn’t bring my dancing shoes. I went a couple of blocks past Café Des Ami to Buck & Johnny’s which was recommended by a good friend.


Buck & Johnny’s opened in 2010 in the Historic District of Breaux Bridge. It occupies a former Motor Service company and has kept many of the features such as very big bay windows that enclose an indoor patio. They have two different gumbos on the menu. Their award winning Zydeco Gumbo with chicken and sausage costs $8 for a cup and $12 for a bowl and a Seafood Gumbo that costs $9 for a cup and $12 for a bowl. Both of the gumbos are served with rice and potato salad. Potato salad is a regular side in Cajun Country when you order gumbo. The rice wasn’t anything special but the potato salad was very good. Make sure you put some on your spoon and then put it the gumbo.

I ordered the Seafood Gumbo as recommended by the waiter but he brought me the Zydeco Gumbo by mistake. I didn’t know that until I tasted it. It was wonderful. Fantastic gumboroma, very spicy and left me with a great after burn. Believe it or not, there was so much sausage in the Zydeco Gumbo that it was a slight turn off. This is a dark roux gumbo on the thin side. I didn’t eat it all as I told the waiter he brought me the wrong gumbo.

buck-johnyys-seafood-gumbo-editThe seafood gumbo was perfect. From the excellent Fresh Seafood gumboroma, to the very large shrimp, several crawfish (crawfish is in season) and even a little crab meat. It also had a great spiciness to it which left me with an after burn that lasted for quite a while.


Seafood Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 5 Spoon Rating”
croux_5_spoonsTaste: The Best
Texture: The Best
Spiciness: The Best
Serving Temperature: The Best
Stuff: The Best
Presentation: Very Good
Price: Very Good


Zydeco Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 4 Spoon Rating”
: Excellent
Texture: Excellent
Spiciness: The Best
Serving Temperature: The Best
Stuff: Good (way too much sausage)
Presentation: Very Good
Price: Very Good


Buck & Johnny’s
100 Berard St.
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Mon: L
Tue-Fri: L/D
Sat: B/L
Sun: B/L


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