The Cajun Coast Serves a Very Good Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

I paid a visit to the Cajun Coast recently, more specifically Morgan City to see the new Cajun Coast Visitors Center which is a beautiful building with a great view. See if you can spot the (real) alligator out back. The staff can guide you along to get the most out of your visit. Click here for more info on The Cajun Coast.

Atchafalaya Cafe sign (1)After my visit to the Visitors Center, I went to lunch at a very local restaurant just a few minutes away, The Atchafalaya Café. This is a very casual restaurant where almost everyone knows each other. They have only one gumbo on their menu and it is a Louisiana Seafood Gumbo with very fresh, large shrimp and shredded crab. The cost is $4.00 for a cup and $8.00 for a bowl.

Atchafalaya Cafe Seafood GumboThe seafood gumbo had a medium roux with a reddish color and, not only did it have a great Gumboroma, it had a fresh seafood aroma. It was served hot and was seasoned very well but didn’t have a long lasting after burn. The rice was served hot but didn’t do much to the flavor. This is worth another visit and the next time it will be a bowl.




Atchafalaya Café’s Seafood Gumbo

croux_3_spoonsCroux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”
Taste: Very Good
Texture: Very Good
Spiciness: Very Good
Serving Temperature: Very Good
Stuff: Very Good
Presentation: Good
Price: Very Good


Atchafalaya Café
7310 Hwy 182 East
Morgan City, LA 70380
Mon-Sat Lunch
Thur-Sat Dinner



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