Pontchartrain Landing Lands a Great Louisiana Gumbo

Pontchartrain Landing viewWhat’s hard to find, has a marina, villas, an RV Park and a restaurant with a great New Orleans Gumbo (and many other specialties)? The Light House Bar & Grill at Pontchartrain Landing. Believe me, it’s well worth seeking it out. A tip: use the directions on their website, don’t trust your GPS.

The chef has a great pedigree, having worked at several of the great restaurants in New Orleans. They have one gumbo which, as they say, is a Classic New Orleans Gumbo with good size shrimp, a wonderful Louisiana sausage, crab and they do use a lot of okra, but the good news is that the okra didn’t make the gumbo slimy. The gumbo is available in a cup for $5.95 or a bowl for $7.95. Do yourself a favor, get the bowl.

Pontchartrain Landing GumboThe Gumbo has a medium to dark roux with plenty of stuff. The seasoning was good but could have been better, but it did leave a ve
ry good after-burn. There was also a good Gumboroma.

I know I’m searching for the Best Gumbo in Louisiana, but a man cannot live on gumbo alone. Well a man can, but I also love to try other items. I have to tell you about two of the more creative dishes I tried at the restaurant. First was a Crawfish Boil Bisque. If you have ever had a Crawfish Boil and loved the flavors that you experienced, imagine it in a creamy soup. Mind blowing. Second was their Salty Pig. This is an in-house smoked pork, a fried oyster, greens and their homemade remoulade sauce on a slice of French Bread. Oh, I almost forgot. How about a white chocolate strawberry bread pudding. You will walk out of the Light House Grill at Pontchartrain Landing with a big smile on your face.


The Lighthouse Grill’s New Orleans Gumbo

3spoonCroux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”
Taste: Very Good
Texture: Very Good
Spiciness: Good
ServingTemperature: Very Good
Stuff: Excellent
Presentation: Good
Price: Excellent


The Light House Bar &  Grill at Pontchartrain Landing
6001 France Rd.
New Orleans, LA 70126
Tue – Sun L/D


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