The Results Are In: Which Ex-Saints Football Player’s Restaurant has the Best Gumbo?

Ex-Saint's collageIt was a long and hot pre-season, but I practiced every day, got into shape, grabbed my trusty gumbo spoon and went Gumboing.

These three Ex-Saints players are still beloved in the Greater New Orleans area and still active parts of the community. Read my reviews on their restaurants’ gumbos:

Now let’s get down to which one has the best Gumbo in New Orleans. Before I began my visits, I actually thought Manning’s would have the best gumbo but I was wrong. I’m not sure you could actually call what they serve as gumbo. It’s more of a soup. There didn’t seem to be a roux which is the base of any good gumbo.

Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint was better than Manning’s but lost points on the fact that they called it Gumbo Ya Ya which, if you know what Gumbo Ya Ya is supposed to taste like, you will know this is not it (see the blog on Mr.B’s).

The fact that Bobby Hebert comes from Cajun Country and the word Cajun is in the restaurant’s name, they edged out Deuce McAllister’s by a yard.

Here is how they were rated according to Croux:

trophy 2Manning’s Restaurant:
2 Spoons

Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap:
3 Spoons

Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant:
3 Spoons




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