Can a Blind Tiger Make a Great Louisiana Gumbo?
Blind Tiger story

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This restaurant has a great story about how it got its name. See the photo.

This downtown Shreveport restaurant is a locals’ retreat. They go there for the good food and good prices. They have only one gumbo on the menu. It’s a Seafood Gumbeaux. A cup is only $4.25 and a bowl is only $6.95. The menu says it’s loaded with baby shrimp, oysters and crab and has a dark roux. Blind Tiger collageWell, they were right about the amount of baby shrimp and a dark roux, but I didn’t have any crab or oysters. That being said, it was a very good Louisiana Gumbo. 

Here is what else I found. There wasn’t a great Gumboroma but it did have a very good spice level that left a great after burn. The rice was served warm but as usual it didn’t have much taste. There was a lot of tomato and some okra but it didn’t have a slimy feel. This is the first gumbo I’ve had that had a crouton on top. It actually gave it a great crunchy contrast.

The Blind Tiger’s Seafood Gumbo

croux_3_spoonsCroux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”
Taste: Very Good
Texture: Very Good
Spiciness: Very Good
Serving Temperature: Very Good
Stuff: Very Good
Presentation: Very Good
Price: The Best

The Blind Tiger
120 Texas St.
Shreveport, LA 71101
L/D 7 days
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