Insider’s Tip: The Best Gumbo in Louisiana Could Be in Mandeville

I hesitated posting this so early in a restaurant’s life, but my experience was so good I had to let you know about it. I will go into specifics at a later date.

A new restaurant opened recently in Old Mandeville that has one of the best Louisiana Gumbos I’ve had so far. This restaurant has no website (at this time), has the old sign on the building (Jubilee) and the current name of the restaurant could change. Right now it’s called Alex Patout’s Renaissance Bistro.

So, if you want to go try some of the best gumbo in Louisiana, go as soon as possible to 301 Lafitte St. in Mandeville, LA 70471. Call 985-778-2552 first to make sure they can get you in. The reason I say go as soon as possible is their prices are so low and their portions are so big. I am confident their prices will increase once their website is live and their new sign goes up.

They have two different Louisiana Gumbos: Seafood Gumbo and a Chicken and Sausage (it’s actually Andouille) Gumbo. I had the latter.

Keep an eye out for my complete blog on this great new restaurant.

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