A Great Cajun Restaurant in New Orleans and it Serves a Great Louisiana Gumbo

Cochon ext.One of the great Louisiana chefs is Donald Link (and with a name like that, he better specialize in pork). He does and he does a great job at his restaurant called Cochon. Almost everything he serves is prepared in-house, from the cracklin’ to the pickles to the Andouille. All homemade.

Cochon only has one Louisiana Gumbo and it doesn’t get much better than their Chicken & Andouille Gumbo ($7 for a small bowl). Here is what I found. The first thing you notice is the DARK roux that they use, and almost at the same time that great Gumboroma hits you hard. I was ready to slurp my way to Heaven. Cochon GumboAThere was a good amount of chicken and small pieces of homemade Andouille. From the first spoonful, the perfect amount of spices made its way down my mouth. In addition to the chicken and Andouille, there were small chunks of okra. Now you all know I’m not a fan of okra in my gumbo, but the chunks were fine. I don’t believe there was any sautéed okra as there was no slime factor. As I got to the bottom of the bowl (it went quick) the spices were even more prevalent which left a wonderful after burn. The only (minor) disappointing part of the gumbo was the rice. If they would have used a Cajun rice (which gives off a popcorn flavor) it would have been the ultimate.

Cochon’s Chicken & Andouille Gumbo

croux_5_spoonsCroux says “I’ll give it a 5 Spoon Rating”
Taste: The Best
Texture: The Best
Spiciness: The Best
Serving Temperature: Excellent (except for the rice which rated just okay)
Stuff: The Best
Presentation: Excellent
Price: The Best

930 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Lunch/Dinner Mon – Sat

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