Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans

In 1814 we took a little trip,
Along with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississip’
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
And we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans

STBernardContest11These lyrics, from the old Johnny Horton song “The Battle of New Orleans” commemorate a prominent victory in U.S. history that signaled the end of the War of 1812. January 8 marks the 200th anniversary of this battle and people around New Orleans are celebrating with a weekend of commemorations, ceremonies, reenactments and living history events. And, one lucky person will win a prize package for this event.

In the Spring of 1812, shortly after gaining its independence, the United States again went to war with England over its seizure of U.S. ships and sailors. By December of 1813, British troops were advancing on New Orleans and General Andrew Jackson was appointed to take charge of the US forces in the region. As both sides prepared for a decisive battle, Jackson called for reinforcements, looking for anyone willing and able to join to the fight, including slaves, native American Indians and a band of Jean Lafitte’s pirates. On January 8, against overwhelming odds, the rough-hewn men of the American frontier defeated the same armies that had just defeated Napoleon. Americans took great pride in the victory and for many years celebrated January 8 as a national holiday, just like the Fourth of July.

BONOThis January 8-11, join the celebration marking the Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial Anniversary at Chalmette Battlefield National Park. More than 500 living-history reenactors, musicians, dancers, speakers and authors will participate in the events.  Those attending the event will be able to watch demonstrations of soap making, knot tying, duck decoy carving, and many other life skills needed in the early 1800s. History experts will dress as both British and American troops and visitors can walk among their encampments. There will also be sing-a-longs of songs sung by both British and American soldiers, Choctaw Indian dancers, Houma Indian games and much more. Every hour you’ll hear the firing of muskets and cannons. (Complete schedule of events here.)

Enter to Win!
This month, Tour Louisiana is hosting a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will get a prize package featuring the following:

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The contest entry period ends December 31st, so there’s still time to get your entry in. Enter here.

Chalmette Battlefield
8606 W. St. Bernard Highway

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