Louisiana Gumbo in the Capital City

Baton Rouge has really come into its own over the past several years with a great selection of restaurants serving great Louisiana food.

On this visit, I stopped by Bistro Byronz on Government Road. By the way, they also have a restaurant in Mandeville and Shreveport. This is a family run restaurant and is a spinoff of the original restaurant that opened in 1979. The original restaurant closed in 1990 and the new concept opened in 2006.

SAMSUNGThey have only one Gumbo which is a Chicken & Sausage Gumbo that comes in two sizes: a cup at $4.95 and a bowl at $5.95.  Here is a tip: if you go, get the bowl. Here is what I found.  There was a very good Gumboroma that set the stage for what was to come. The gumbo has a dark roux, has a very good spice level with an excellent after burn and had plenty of chicken & sausage. The rice was served warm but didn’t add anything to the taste of the gumbo.  Now for the part that bothered me. It had okra in it and it did come across on the slimy side. That being said, I ate it all and wouldn’t hesitate to go back and order it again.

Bistro Byronz Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

croux_3_spoonsCroux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”
Taste: Very Good
Texture: Good
Spiciness: Very Good
Serving Temperature: Very Good
Stuff: Very Good
Presentation: Very Good
Price: The Best
*Read my Gumbo Rating System*

Bistro Byronz
5412 Government Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70806


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