Does Sportsman’s Paradise have the Best Louisiana Gumbo?

Scott’s Catfish and Seafood Restaurants are family run and you can see that at each of their locations. The first Scott’s Catfish & Seafood Restaurant opened in Monroe, LA in 2000. It took them awhile, but they opened their second location in Ruston, LA in 2011. On this trip, I visited the Ruston location.

Before I discuss my Louisiana Seafood experience, I have to say something about Ruston, LA. There are cities and states around the country that claim to have the best peaches in the world or they are the peach capital of the world, but I am here to tell you that RUSTON LOUISIANA, hands down, has the best peaches you will ever put in your mouth. The best time to go if you don’t make it to the Peach Festival in June is in July when the Ruston Reds are available. The place to go for these lusciously sweet delicacies is Mitcham Farms.

SAMSUNGOkay, now back to Scott’s Catfish & Seafood Restaurant. They serve a great Louisiana Seafood Gumbo that comes in three sizes: cup at $3.99, bowl at $5.99 and an oversized bowl at $9.99. As you can see I ordered the cup. Here is what I found. They serve a medium roux gumbo with a great Gumboroma that is filled with great Louisiana shrimp and an excellent sausage. The spice level is perfect and as I got to the bottom of the cup it was even better. I left with a wonderful after burn. They also give you plenty of rice (too much for this cup of gumbo, but it was served warm and tasted okay). It also had okra in the Seafood Gumbo but it wasn’t too slimy as some okra gumbos are.

Since their specialty is catfish (it’s in their name), I had to try it. The one I tried was the thin cut catfish and it was excellent. So the next time you are near Ruston or Monroe, stop by for a great Louisiana (casual) dining experience that is also very kid friendly.

Scott’s Seafood Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”
Taste:  Very Good
Texture: Good
Spiciness: Very Good
Serving Temperature: Very Good
Enough Stuff: Very Good
Presentation: Very Good
Price: The Best*

Read my Gumbo Rating System*


Scott’s Catfish & Seafood
2480 Highway 33
Ruston, LA 71270
Mon-Thur 10:30am – 8:30pm
Fri-Sat 10:30am – 9pm
Sunday: Closed


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