Louisiana’s Crossroads Serve an Excellent Seafood Gumbo
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Tunks has been serving great food and a fantastic Seafood Gumbo since 1978. Tunks is located right outside Alexandria, The Crossroads of Louisiana, on Kincaid Lake. The restaurant has a large indoor seating area and a big patio that wraps around the restaurant with outdoor seating. Try to get one of the outdoor tables, especially at sunset. The picture below gives you an idea of what you’ll see. 
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There is only one gumbo that’s served at Tunks, and that’s Miss Mayme’s Louisiana Seafood Gumbo. Who is Miss Mayme? Jimbo and Sandy Thiels are the owners of Tunks and Miss Mayme is Sandy’s grandmother. Thank you Miss Mayme for creating such a masterpiece and thank you Tunks for not changing it over the past 35 years.
Here is the recipe: they serve Miss Mayme’s Louisiana Seafood Gumbo in a cup for $5.95 or in a bowl for $12.95 which also comes with a salad bar and hush puppies. Please do yourself a favor. Order the bowl. You can thank me later. Miss Mayme’s Louisiana Seafood Gumbo has a brownish/reddish color and has a good body to it. The Gumboroma is just perfect, as is the spiciness. You’ll find plenty of small shrimp and little bits of crabmeat. I was told that they also use fresh fish, but you won’t find chunks of it in the gumbo. They do use a combination of chicken stock, crab stock and fish stock as the seafood gumbo base (that’s where the fish comes in). Louisiana travel, Louisiana vacation, Louisiana dining, Louisiana gumboThis is a spicier gumbo than most. You won’t find it spicy after a few spoonful’s, but just wait until you get to the bottom of your cup or bowl. Just sit back and enjoy a fantastic after burn. The rice was served warm, but didn’t add anything to this perfect gumbo.
Here is a suggestion to get the best of Tunks: get their Seafood Platter. It comes with a cup of Miss Mayme’s Seafood Gumbo, fried shrimp, fried catfish, stuffed shrimp, a frog leg, fried oysters, shrimp casserole and choice of a side. The cost is only $22.95. This will be a meal to remember.
If you are travelling through Central Louisiana, this is worth a stop. In fact, just spend the night in Alexandria and enjoy all it has to offer.

Miss Mayme's Seafood Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 4 Spoon Rating”

Taste:  Excellent

Texture: Excellent

Spiciness: Excellent

Serving Temperature: Excellent

Stuff: Very Good

Presentation: Very Good

Price: Excellent

*Read my Gumbo Rating System*
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Tunks Cypress Inn
9507 LA Hwy 28 West 
Boyce, LA 71409
(318) 487- 4014
Mon-Sat 5pm – 10pm; Sun 11am -2pm


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