Big bowl of Louisiana Seafood Gumbo….Little flavor
Old Metairie has several great restaurants and Porter & Luke’s (a fairly new restaurant) is one of them. Now I can’t say that they have a great Louisiana Gumbo, but they sure give you a lot. The gumbo photo is what they call a cup. Their bowl is almost twice the size. A cup of Louisiana Seafood Gumbo goes for $6.25 and their bowl is $8.75. 
Their menu says Gumbo du jour, so when I asked what the Gumbo du jour was; the waiter said it was seafood gumbo. Then he said it’s seafood gumbo every day. Go figure.
If I was judging a Louisiana Gumbo only by the looks of it, this would be one of the best. But, since I’m not, here is what I found. Their Louisiana Seafood Gumbo did have okra in it, but it wasn’t slimy. There was a minor after burn but it disappeared fairly quickly. There was a fair amount of small shrimp and a large chunk of crab in its shell. This is the style of an old fashioned restaurant. A great Louisiana Gumbo also has a great Gumboroma. You should be able to smell it as it’s being placed in front of you. This was not one of those. The rice had no taste but was served hot. I can’t say the same for the gumbo. The first cup was served a little less than warm. I brought it to the waiter's attention who apologized and brought me a new one. The 2nd one had the perfect temperature. I’m hoping this was an off day for the restaurant because the rest of my meal was great. You have to try their Northern White Beans which has a smoky taste and large pieces of Andouille. It also comes with a choice of a meat.

Porter and Luke's Seafood Gumbo       

Croux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”

Taste:  Good

Texture: Good

Spiciness: Good

Serving Temperature: Bad, then Excellent

Enough Stuff: Very Good

Presentation: Very Good
Price: The Best

*Read my Gumbo Rating System*

Porter & Luke’s
1517 Metairie
Metairie, LA 70005
Open 7 days/week for lunch and dinner


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