Superior Name, Not So Superior Gumbo

Superior Seafood is located in uptown New Orleans on the streetcar line near several classic New Orleans restaurants such as Pascal’s Manale, home of the original Barbecue Shrimp, and Charlie’s Steakhouse, a steakhouse you need to experience to appreciate. Superior is not in the same category as these.

I’m not a fan of chain restaurants and this has the feel of a chain, including their Louisiana Gumbo.

Here’s the recipe. They only serve one gumbo, Chicken and Andouille, which costs $5.95 for a cup, and $9.95 for a bowl. It was fairly aromatic and had plenty of stuff. The best part of the gumbo was the Andouille, which is from Poche’s, located in Breaux Bridge. The serving temperature could have been hotter, as could have been the spice level. The lack of spices did not leave an after burn. This was a thick gumbo with a medium roux and was on the slimy side. The rice was hot, but it couldn't help this gumbo. This tasted like a corporate or chain gumbo.

So if you are in uptown New Orleans and hungry, go to a superior restaurant like Pascal’s Manale for a great New Orleans classic dish and I guarantee that their Louisiana Seafood Gumbo will be worth it (I will have a review of this in the near future).

Superior Seafood's Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 2 Spoon Rating”

Taste:  Good

Texture: Good

Spiciness: Good

Serving Temperature: Good

Enough Stuff: Good

Presentation: Good

Price: Good

*Read my Gumbo Rating System*


Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar
4338 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115
Open 7 day/week from 11am

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