This May Be Louisiana’s Best Gumbo: Mr. B’s Bistro in NOLA
Mr. B’s Bistro opened its doors in July 1979 and became an instant hit. Unfortunately, it suffered catastrophic damage at the hands of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. It took them until April of 2007 to reopen, but it didn’t take them long after that to get their Ya Ya back. What? Let me explain. There are many types of Louisiana Gumbos. There’s Seafood Gumbo, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo,  Filé Gumbo, Gumbo Zerbes, (I’m starting to sound like a scene from Forrest Gump) but there is only one Gumbo Ya Ya.  Mr. B’s has perfected this type of Gumbo. If you see this on another restaurant’s menu, DO NOT order it. If you have never tasted Mr. B’s Gumbo Ya Ya you are missing out on one of the Best Louisiana Gumbos. It will even give your Momma’s Gumbo a run for its money.
This may be the best gumbo in all of Louisiana.Here’s the recipe. Really, here it is: Gumbo Ya Ya Recipe.  This recipe yields 6 quarts of Gumbo Ya Ya but don’t worry, it’s so good it won’t go to waste. Why is it so good?  First of all, the presentation is different than most. They place an empty bowl in front, then the Gumbo Ya Ya is poured into the bowl from a silver cup. This dark roux gumbo comes to life when it hits the bottom of the bowl. The aroma just takes over. The rice was hot and served on the side as I asked. This gumbo had more stuff in it than any other gumbo I’ve had to date. It was filled with a very smoky and spicy Andouille and plenty of chicken. It was on the thick side, but the taste ruled. It was perfectly seasoned, and the after burn lasted long after the meal ended. A great gumbo will do that. There is only one size and the cost is $8.25.  Not only is their Gumbo Ya Ya the best, the rest of the menu holds its own as well.
Mr. B’s Bistro Gumbo Ya Ya

croux_5_spoonsCroux says “I’ll give it a 5 Spoon Rating”
Taste: The Best
Texture: The Best
Spiciness: The Best
Serving Temperature: The Best
Stuff: The Best
Presentation: The Best

Mr. B’s Bistro
201 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

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