Louisiana Gumbo: Charlie’s Restaurant in Violet, LA


6129 E. St. Bernard Hwy
Violet, LA 70092
Charlie’s Restaurant has won the New Orleans Gumbo Cook-off for the past three years and it was time for me to experience it for myself.
First let’s talk about where the restaurant is located. Violet, Louisiana is located in St. Bernard Parish, a neighbor to the east of New Orleans. It’s on the east bank of the Mississippi River and less than 14 miles from the French Quarter.  While you’re in the area, why not visit the Los Islenos Village & Museum Complex, just 4 miles from Charlie’s Restaurant. Also, make a stop at the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – Chalmette Battlefield. Another stop to make, in fact this should be the first stop, the St. Bernard Parish Tourist Commission where you can get maps, brochures and some southern hospitality to get you around the Parish.  
Now back to Charlie’s Restaurant. This is a very family friendly restaurant that serves good local food and plenty of it. Their menu has 300 items to choose from. As you guessed, I ordered their Louisiana Seafood Gumbo. They have three sizes: Cup at $4.95, Bowl at $7.95 and a Quart at $13.95. The Louisiana Seafood Gumbo had plenty of stuff and had a great gumbo aroma. The stuff was mostly smoked sausage and shrimp with a small crab finger and some chunks of okra. There was a taste I couldn’t figure out. I asked the owner and he said “it’s a secret.” It had a sweet acidic taste so if I had to guess, I would say it was a Balsamic Vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce combination. I asked where his sausage came from and he said it was Hillshire. I didn’t question why, but there are so many other local options to use. The Louisiana Seafood Gumbo had a medium roux with a good blend of seasoning and good body. It left a very good after burn as I got to the bottom of the cup. The rice was warm, but didn’t add anything to the gumbo.

So, if you go to Charlie’s in Violet and find out what the mystery spice is, let me know. Enjoy.


Charlie's Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

Croux says “I’ll give it a 2 Spoon Rating”

Taste:  Good

Texture: Good

Spiciness: Good

Serving Temperature: Good

Enough Stuff: Good

Presentation: Good

Price: Excellent

*Read my Gumbo Rating System*



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