Swamps, Gators and Indians in Houma, LA


What's becoming a hot tourist destination, enjoying a rise in popularity and maybe even a bit of glamour?

The swamps of Houma, Louisiana!

Right in the heart of swamp-land, Houma has, for many years, offered great swamp tours, but with the success of the History channel's show "Swamp People", the tourists are coming in droves to see reality TV's newest cool destination,  to experience a bit of bayou life and to mingle with these down-to-earth, hard-working Cajun folk. 

Houma and the surrounding areas offer plenty of tours operated by true, authentic “swamp people”, who have spent their whole life living in and working the bayous.  You can tour via an airboat, a canoe or other swamp-worthy vessel and travel through the Cyprus swamps and  wetlands, observing the incredibly unique ecosystems.  During your tour, you're likely to see nutria, otter, brightly- feathered, exotic birds and a wide variety of reptiles, including of course, ferocious alligators, measuring up to 13 feet in length.  You might even spot a wild cat or black bear. All of the tour operators are extremely knowledgeable about the area, can answer any question you may have and can easily and safely navigate you through the swamp.  And don’t be too surprised if they suddenly reach into the water and pull out a turtle or baby alligator.

Louisiana Swamp ToursLocated about an hour southwest of New Orleans, Houma is more than swamps, though.  The town is named for the United Houma Nation of Native Americans who have lived in Louisiana's swamplands since the 1700s.  Today there are over 17,000 tribal members.  Experience Houma's distinct Cajun Indian culture, evident from the residents, the fantastic food and the wonderful music.

With its wildlife parks and preserves, birding sanctuaries, interactive museums, stunning plantation homes, lively dance halls and cultural tours, and, yes, the fascinating swamp people — there's no place like Houma!   

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