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Murphy’s Seafood RestaurantMurphy's Seafood in Hammond, LA
1700 N. Morrison Blvd.
Hammond, LA 70401

Tangipahoa Parish has a couple of very famous and great restaurants such as Middendorf’s in Manchac and of  Trey Yuen in Hammond (they also have one in Mandeville).  But on this trip I went to Murphy’s Seafood Restaurant. This was a week after Hurricane Isaac so I wasn't sure what to expect as Tangipahoa Parish was hit hard. The areas I drove through you would never have known there was a hurricane.

Murphy’s has only one gumbo on the menu which is their award winning shrimp, crab and okra gumbo. The cost for a cup is $5.00 and a bowl is $10.00. I asked what the award was for and the waitress didn’t know, but she came back and said it was for a local gumbo cooking contest. I am going to assume (I know about assuming) it was for the Dutch Battle Memorial Ride and Gumbo Cook-off (this year it is October 27 in Downtown Hammond).

Gumbo at Murphy's Seafood in Hammond, LANow back to the gumbo. It had a medium to light roux and a pleasant aroma. The presentation was average, but the rice was served hot. One of the few that I’ve had served hot. The rice wasn’t anything special.  The gumbo was also served hot and had plenty of shrimp. There were small strips of crab meat, but you really couldn’t taste it. Even though there was Okra in the gumbo, it wasn’t slimy as others gumbos have been.

The first spoonful wasn’t high on the spice meter and as I got closer to the bottom of the bowl it was better but didn’t leave that very pleasant after burn. It sounds like a negative review, but the gumbo was actually very good. Definitely worth a try.



Murphy's Award-Winning Shrimp, Crab and Okra Gumbo       

Croux says “I’ll give it a 3 Spoon Rating”

Taste:  Very Good

Texture: Good

Spiciness: Good

Serving Temperature: Excellent

Enough Stuff: Very Good

Presentation: Good
Price: Excellent

*Read my Gumbo Rating System*


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