If you read my first blog, you saw that I am searching for the best gumbo in Louisiana.

Before I start rating the gumbos, two things had to happen.

1.     I needed to eat as much gumbo as possible

2.     I needed a rating system and an icon to help give the rating system a special look.

Well, I did the first and we created the second. Meet Croux. Croux will hold a spoon or spoons in his claw. The higher the number of spoons, the better the gumbo. If Croux has no spoon…No Gumbo for you.

Best Gumbo Icons 



0 Spoons: Bad Gumbo

1 Spoon: Just Okay

2 Spoons: Good

3 Spoons: Very Good

4 Spoons: Excellent

5 Spoons: The Best

The ratings will be based on (in order of importance)

·       Taste

·       Texture

·        Spicyness

·        Temperature (serving temperature)

·       Enough stuff (if it’s a chicken and sausage gumbo, I want to see plenty of chicken & sausage)

·        Presentation

·       Price

I am very particular with my gumbo. Here are some of my likes and dislikes:

·       No rice in the gumbo

·        Not a big fan of okra in my gumbo

·        When I get seafood gumbo, I hate getting pieces of shells

·        I prefer a darker roux

·        A two or three day old gumbo is better than a new gumbo

So, do you have a favorite place to eat gumbo besides ya mama’s house, or maw maw’s? Let me know and I’ll
try it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the blog.

The Louisiana Travelin’ Man 
 The Louisiana Travelin’ Man

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